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Preschool Piano


Our younger set will start out with lots of action and movement.

We will learn proper hand positioning and technique the fun way!  

We  use music and activities from the Gordon Based Program Music Moves for Piano.

We also draw from Orff, Kodaly, and numerous other developmentally appropriate sources for this age group. 


We will continue to develop neurological connections and musicality along with our new piano keyboarding skills and experiment with other tonal instruments as well.

The class for 3 &4 year olds will spend less time at the bench than the class for 4's and 5's . Think about your child and what would be the most enjoyable for them.

If they are all about getting to the keys and four years old they may want to be in the older class. If they are just stepping into the world of music, I would suggest the younger group.

Some student will wait until they are 6-7 years old to begin formal study ,others ,who have been studying with me since they were in utero, may be ready to add piano and other tonal instruments into their repertoire. Our Music Moves for Piano classes fill this purpose.


Classes are small . Ordinarily we have just two to four students 

Classes Schedule are arranged according to your schedule.

Call if you would like to create your own buddy lesson with a partner that you already have in mind, or if you would like to be added to an upcoming class list.


Ms Ruth 535-7218 .

Home Play activities will be encouraged but homework and practice tracking are not a part of pre-school lessons.

Tuition : $ 395 per semester

( includes all fees: registration, music, materials and recital etc.

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