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100 Day Challenge

Starting February 29th

Of course one can start a 100 Day Challenge at any time. This Spring we are looking to musicians to begin a 100 day challenge on Feb 29th . With approximately 100 days until our Spring Recitals , we will get great results. You might consider filming a bit of your practice. You could simply film a little each day of any part of your practice or you could video your recital pieces once a week so that you can track your progress. Seeing the difference practice is making is a big motivator.

We can post our videos on the Everyone Makes Music Student File Page. 


You might want to check out the Give it 100 site.


Here is the challenge that you can enter through Piano Explorer.

100-day Challenge - Piano Explorer challenges all subscribers to practice every day for 100 (or more!) days in a row. You can download a practice chart pdf (below) or make your own. It is up to the teacher to decide how long a student should play each day for it to count and what to do during vacations or illnesses. (Some students have listened to music or taken a keyboard on trips.) 

Submitting Names for Publication:
When a student completes the challenge, a parent or teacher can email us, or mail the information (do not send the practice sheet anymore) to 1838 Techny Court, Northbrook, IL 60062.

Please include the student's name, age, state, and teacher’s name. (Let us know if this 100, 200, or more days.) Make sure this is legible.

A parent or teacher must attest that a student finished the challenge.

If you haven't started yet, you can begin at any time!

Download this chart or make your own. 

Begins           Feb 29th
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