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Preschoolers Music Play



4's & 5s with parent
Class length: 45 minutes 
This class gets the child started with the fun and high quality Orff instruments and features exciting musical games, rhymes, and stories. It is recommended that the children have their parent to stay for class for a little extra help playing the instruments. Exceptions need instructor approval.





More benefits: Develops a sense of timing and coordination as the child experiences solo and group playing on the Orff instruments. Solo singing games improve listening, pitch matching, and tone quality. Builds on the child's musical literacy foundation and continues to improve physical and literacy skills. 
















Children will be using glockenspiel, Xylophones, Metalaphones. and piano play.

For this reason, younger siblings are not allowed in the classroom.

Using the CD and instruments at home will reinforce the learning from the class as well as encourage participation and improve musical skills.

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