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 Early Childhood-the most important time of all   

Babies Music Play 

One’s potential to learn is never greater than at the moment of birth. (MLTNYC, 1:1Gordon) The early years of life are crucial for establishing a foundation for lifelong music development. Children must be exposed to a rich variety of music during the early years in order to develop the necessary readiness for formal music learning when they are older. We work through a variety of tonal and rhythm patterns with lots of variety along with traditional boucning, tickling, clapping , tapping and circle games.

Now I am One!  

No longer in arms but not feeling ready to join the  2's and 3's? This class if for you . Often Baby Music Play classes which have become a close knit group will create their own class the following year in order to keep the fun group together. Children who have begun as babies begin to show their ability to audiate, match pitches, find the home tone and more . It is a very exciting age group.

Newcomers are also welcome.

   Music Play   1- 3 years old   

This class benefits from the mixing of the ages. Children watch and learn from eachother.

Your child begin to recognize that movements and babble do not match the sounds of music in the environment.

They will  work at breaking the nusical code through a variety of musical experience with melodic and rhythmic chants, melodic songs, and lots of movement. Your child will begin to imtate with  some precision the sounds of music in the environment, specifically tonal patterns and rhythm patterns.

 Some children begin to move into the assimilation stage where they are able to create their own musical respnses or offerings.

Family  Music Play   1- 7 years old   

Bring the whole family. If you have more than one child and can't imagine how to fit in more than one class a week, join us for Family Class. The class is very closely aligned with the others, but offers more adaptations for a variety of age levels. Great fun and profitable for all ages.

Big Kids Music Play  

Age 4&5 : Your student will engage with conscious thought focused primarily on self.  

Introspection:  The young student recognizes their lack of coordination between singing and breathing and between chanting and muscular movement, including breathing.

Coordination: Older kids can coordinate  singing and chanting with breathing and movement.

Tonal and Rhythmic imitation and audiation are developing rapidly. 

This class includes  plenty of movement, props, instruments, story telling with music as is part of the Orff tradition.

We will continue our music learning sequences. You may create your own Big Kids class if you have 4-6 children in your group.


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