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Outer Space Online Recital

Being unable to meet online for either our Outer Space Recitals or our year end Recitals has been a real bummer.

Our gathering to perform for one another are always a time for great celebration.

This year I am asking the students  to participate if they wish in one or both  of our  Spring Recitals by contributing recordings of their piano playing.

All students have been taught a large number of Outer Space songs throughout the year. They may select their favorite and prepare it for our online Space Recital.

Typically our End of Year Recital allows each student to play up to six of their favorite pieces from their year of study in a small group setting. For this Recital , you may decide how to proceed. Once again, you may decide to record just one favorite song, or you may choose to play a medley or to submit six separate recordings, or perhaps one recording with 3 songs. This is your choice.  I will group the recitals accordingly and they can be viewed by private link on youtube and vimeo.

Participation in either or both of these events is strictly optional. If this adds to stress in your household it is not something that I recommend. If it is a fun project that your student would like to participate in, then go for it. Here are the steps involved.

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 2.55.10 PM.png
Songs In Space copy.png

Videos are due by June 15th


Choosing one theme or the other is GREAT!

Whatever you feel happy doing.

Some of the

Space songs

that we learned

Some of the

Space songs

that we learned

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