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Students at our studio find music to be fun. When they are at home, they love to go sit and play the piano.

You will hear beautiful music in your home. You will be delighted that your child can learn piano so quickly! 

The Problem

 Many kids view piano lessons as “just more homework”.

It’s just another task to check off the list along with school, sports, extracurricular activities, homework, MORE homework, chores, and family obligations.


Why!?!? What went wrong?!?!

Sadly, most piano lesson programs focus on FACTS… and very little on creativity, music appreciation, or enjoyment.

It is amazing what can be accomplished when a teacher taps into a child’s natural curiosity and sense of exploration. By encouraging children to have fun and to relax at the piano, we remove the common roadblocks that prevent children from reaching their full potential… and allow them to have genuine  fun with music!

The Solution

I have made it my personal mission to innovate and put creativity, exploration,

humor, and fun into my students’ piano lessons.


My students:

*Develop Musicality which allows them to enjoy their music more.

*Learn sight reading and internal rhythm so that they are prepared for playing all types of music.

*Review and retain their lessons through the use of games and creative activities.

*Get all the benefits that science has shown music lessons provide (increased academic performance, higher IQs, etc.) in an encouraging and positive environment. Along with the benefits of music for music's sake alone.

*Have a deeper understanding of music and how it is created through games, improvisation, composition and chord work. They are able to play  accompaniment lead sheet during their first year of study.

*Learn all of their music during their weekly lesson…so they feel energized instead of lost and confused when they get home.


*Become self generating musicians and lifelong players of piano and often many other instruments. Music becomes a natural form of expression in their lives.

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