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Our comprehensive music program is based on the teaching of Edwin Gordon. Music is acquired much in the way that language is acquired. Students are acculturated to the music rhythms and tonalities they are given opportunities to assimilate their learning, and finally they are able to imitate and then create their own music . We begin from a playing based approach and incorporate reading and writing musical notation after a strong musical base is established.  

Our approach also  incorporates Music Mind Games, Piano Maestro, and lots of music from many sources in order to develop great sight reading skills, playing by ear, composition , improvisation skills  and a deep understanding of how music works.


Below are a few  of the contemporary authors whose  Studio Licenses we own for printing music for our students only. Many of these titles can also be accessed on our Studio Piano Maestro Account.


I take advancing my teaching skills very seriously and regularly attend, conferences , workshops, seminars and week long studies. I am a member of the NCKP and GIML.

I have studied in person with most of the composers and teachers below in order to to develop my teaching skills and broaden my students abilities to acquire a lifetime of musical fun, understanding and achievement. The others  I have studied with through webinars, books and DVD's.

Their work adds creativity  and excitement to piano playing.

I also have an extensive classical library, and hundreds of pieces of sheet  music from a variety of contemporary and classic composers. 


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