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What are Music Mind Games

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I recommend that you go to the Music Mind Games website to learn more about MMG. I have been using MMG for over 30 years.

Michiko published her first book of games in 1979. She still looks like a teenager and is going strong, creating , modifying and improving the games and the teacher group.

I had the great fun and honor to do my Unit 2 Course with Michiko herself in her home studio in Maryland. She is truly remarkable. It was wonderful to spend a week playing games with her.

I studied Unit 1 with Joyce Bennet who met with another amazingly small group at the University of Oregon a number of years earlier.I never knew life in a dorm was so wonderful. I did not appreciate how little you have to do in order to care for yourself. Someone else does everything for you. I did nothing but play on a Steinway and play music mind games all week long.

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