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Great Practice Promoters from Teach Piano Today's Andrea Dow

The "What ya gonna get?" Grab Bag


Andrea Dow -Teach Piano Today

When you are looking for your piano student to repeat what you’ve been working on one more time, have them reach into your bag, pull out a slip, and follow one of the following instructions as they play:

1. RH one octave higher, LH one octave lower

2. Like a funeral march

3. Standing up like Jerry Lee Lewis

4. While bopping your head to the beat

5. With your right hand behind your back

6. With your tongue out

7. While humming the RH melody

8. With your left eye closed

9. Start from the middle, play to the end, then start from the beginning and play to the middle.

10. While twitching your nose like a rabbit

11. With your RH held in the air in the Start Trek salute

12. While blinking along with the beat

13. With a teacher/student chuckle after every phrase

14. While chewing imaginary gum

15. As proper as the Queen of England

16. With the worst posture you can imagine

17. With your left ear touching your left shoulder

18. Giving a quick “double-thumbs up” every time you play a G

19. With a clap after every 8 beats

20. While stomping your right foot with the first beat of every measure

21. While fidgeting on the bench like you have ants in your pants

  • 22. With the largest most ridiculous smile you can hold on your face

It’s a simple exercise that will not only have your piano kids begging to “play it again” but will also have them learning to experiment with expression, playing with distractions, focusing more intensely… and enjoying themselves a whole lot more.

Andrea Dow

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