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100 Days.. what's it all about?

What’s it all about?

  • 100 Days (out of 103 days) of continuous instrumental practice

  • Recommended length of practice, 30 minutes, but no less than of 10 minutes a day.

  • The teacher will offer a Pizza Party , prizes and a $20 tuition credit following the 100th recorded day.

  • The Parent will match-fund (or more) the teacher’s credit, either in cash or vouchers/tokens (Amazon/iTunes/etc) to reward the Student

  • The Parent has to monitor and witness that the practice has actually taken place using a 100 Day chart.

  • Three ‘X’ days may be used for unpracticed days.

  • If the continuity of practice is broken for more than three ‘X’ days, the Student must restart the challenge.


To the Student:

  • On completion, a sense of achievement!

  • Incentive rewards for completion.

  • A certificate to show your friends.

  • Pizza Party and Prizes

  • Make More Progress in less time.

To the Parent:

  • The parents are not wasting money on lessons that are repeated teaching the same thing or ‘practicing’ during lessons.

  • An audible difference in the Student’s playing.

  • An assisted development in the Student’s daily time management.

  • A progress in core curricular subjects, attention to detail and possibly a new found confidence in their instrument and abilities.

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