What if the Student is ill for a prolonged period and doesn’t feel well enough to practice?

If all 'X days' have been used and the Student has completed 50 days or more – please contact the Teacher to discuss a ‘bridge’, else a and agreed restart of the Challenge will occur if under 50 days.

What if I have football/netball/swimming/scouts/guides/clubs?

The practice of your instrument is just as important as these activities – Plan ahead.

Have an early night and by practicing your scales or a piece for 10 minutes before breakfast, means an easy way of getting the bare minimum and maintaining a recorded day of the Challenge.

NO Piano Available

Contact your Ms Ruth for a list of "

off the bench" practice activities

Do I have to practice on the day of my lesson

In so many words YES.

If, for example, your lesson is first thing in the morning, it might be enough to get your music bag prepared the night before! So a practice after school/lessons means that all your notes are fresh in your head (and written down) that you can start straight away.

If your lesson is in the afternoon or evening, even 10 minutes practice makes a difference.

Do Theory or Aural practice count as a ‘practice’?

No. Practice means getting your behind on the piano.

What if I have a family holiday/family commitment/religious holidays/school trips etc?

Holidays: Please discuss this with Miss Ruth. X days can be used.

Family commitments: Unforeseen circumstances – use an X day!

Religious Holidays/Sabaths: Please discuss this with the Teache

School Trips/Outings: That’s what X days are for!

School Concerts: If you are performing with your instrument at these concerts this will be considered as a recorded day.

Recitals or Concerts: These are regarded as recorded days

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