Here's the Scoop. For students who want to go to the extra effort of watching short video lessons and filling out worksheet in order to learn more about or solidify what they have already learned about music theory can join our online Piano Community and work at their own pace. Scoop Coupons or just ICE CREAM prizes  delivered as you complete levels. Work at your own pace. We learn a lot of our theory through practical application and games, this may not appeal to all. But they may want to try it. Let Ms. Ruth know if you would like to enroll. No extra charge.

Music THEORY!?!?!?

Students can join a group class, or recieve a video and PDF pages from our book of composers.  Each week we will learn about another great piece and composer. This is a no pain BIG GAIN project that even includes coloring pages!! WHAT?! 

(You have to opt out of this one, it goes to everyone.)

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If you wish you may have one on one Online Lessons with Ms Ruth and/or Ms Yaya

The days those lessons will be offered are:

Jun 16,17,18
June 23, 24, 25
July 7, 8, 9  
July  14,15, 16
July 21, 22, 23
August 18,19, 20

To register for a lesson sign onto MMS and go to the calendar choose a calendar date and time and click register. You may sign up for two classes with Ms Ruth and two classes with Ms Yaya.

If the time you want is taken you may sign up for the

waitlist for that time in case it becomes free.

Time slots will be given out on a first come first served basis.

If you sign up for more than 2 classes for Ms Ruth or 2 classes for Ms Yaya we will not know your preferences and you will bumped off that list. Any extra classes signed up for should be on a wait list  basis only in order to give all students a chance to sign up for 4 lessons.

Call now for a FREE first 

Class or Lesson 


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