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How can I keep going on the

100 Day Challenge when there is not a Piano Available?

Ipad Solutions and choices

I have downloaded hundreds of music apps and tried them all. 

 These are my 10 Favorites .

These apps work consistently and  are fairly intuitive.

They mostly are just fun ways to drill skills such as ear training,

note identification, interval ID, rhythm training and the like.


Tin Pan and Isle of Tunes are more for improvising and composing. They are just fun to play around with.


Please note that both Note Squish and Flash Note derby allow you to start with as few as 2 choices. Always go for success. Do not make your games too hard. You will learn more if you are enjoying the process.


Sprout Beat is an Amazing and enormous set of Colorful and engaging musical worksheets. If your child enjoys  this type of activity they will love these bright pages that you complete on screen with colorful pens and stickers.

I am afraid all the best music games are on IOS right now, but android is expanding. Flash note Derby is on Android  also TENUTO can be used on multiple platforms as can ireal pro.




Get Inspired! Episodes

Here is another great way to get your "practice" time in on your vacation days when no piano is available.

Draw some inspiration from great artists. With the availability of videos at our finger tips thanks to YouTube, we can see others excel and having fun making music.

In order to make  “inspiring” assignments easily accessible to students, My friend and mentor ,Leila Viss has designed a number of pages or episodes each featuring three artists of various styles at


A brief bio and at least one video of each artist is provided.

Included on the page is a pdf  of guided listening questions that you can print off for your students. So far there are two episodes available, with more to come.


Most biographical information is taken from Wikipedia. Links to the artists’ websites or recent interviews are included if available.



  Get Inspired Season One Directory

Here are links to each episode.

Featured artists are listed after each episode

Episode 1 = Michael Kaeshammer, Valentina Lisitsa, The 5 Browns

Episode 2 = Yundi Li, Leonard Bernstein, Jarrod Radnich

Episode 3 = Cameron Carpenter, Olga Kern, Marcin Koziak

Episode 4 = Daniel Barenboim, Bradley Sowash, Lang Lang

Episode 5 = Elaine Comparone, The Piano Guys

Episode 6 = What Music Means to Me Artists

Episode 7 = Anderson and Roe, Victor Borge and 12 at One Piano 


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