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Why Music for babies and toddlers?


Music Classes with Miss Ruth  will awaken the joy of music and movement in your child while helping to develop many physical, social, and learning abilities. Children can start these classes as young as 3 months of age and then continue in classes for for toddlers and Kids. This continuity bridges your child's development during the important formative years. It offers a great way for children to learn in a fun environment while providing parents a warm supportive parent/play group. All classes are for child and caregiver.


Benefits include:

* Expanded experience of tonal and rhythmic patterns crucial for the development of musical aptitude.

*A program that gives your child a head start and serves as an important link to future success

*Enhancing brain development through the proven, positive effects of music

*Developing physical motor skills through movement and playing of music instruments

*Providing a dramatic impact on language development, and improving vocal and speech development through singing

*Developing social skills and cooperation through participation in group dancing and musical games

*Use of timing activities to develop coordination, body awareness, and spatial concepts

*Use of repeating patterns and counting beats to develop math and literacy skills

*Improved listening and concentration skills

*Increase of self-esteem

*Better quality of life!



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